Fairfax India Holdings Corp (TSX:FIH) – A Journey Through India on Coattails

Here’s the idea - #1 Take your existing team that already invests in India, #2 Start a new company, focused on India that combines your money and a bunch more public money, #3 Scale to more profits.

Prem Watsa - sometimes referred to as the Canadian Warren Buffet - is the interesting character who founded Toronto-based Fairfax Financial. He has quite the following, to the point of one of the larger value investing forums is named in admiration of Warren Buffett and him - www.cornerofberkshireandfairfax.ca

Now we won’t get caught up in the Fairfax history (side note: It’s quite an amazing story but sometimes their investments are a bit too macro for us). Today we’re focused on Fairfax India Holdings Corp (“FIH” or “Fairfax India”). Over the past year the stock, along with the Indian market in general, has taken quite a dip. And of course we here at CVI like dips (but prefer panics).

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