Eric Ries - The Lean Startup - Talks at Google - Full Transcript


Who saw 'The Social Network'? OK. Right. I feel like that's probably the best modern example

of the entrepreneurship story we're all used to.

  What do we do as entrepreneurs that actually makes a difference? We spend our time trying to figure out which customers to listen to and who to ignore, how to product-prioritize product features.

I mean you guys, how many product prioritization meetings do you go to? It's not exactly the stuff of movies. It's unbelievably boring.

And how do we hold people accountable? How do we measure to figure out if we're actually making progress or building something that nobody wants? See, watching somebody pretend like they don't have anxiety that their vision is wrong, is not very good for movies. But that's what most entrepreneurs do.

And so, we're gonna have to talk about stuff like management and accounting.

My goal, my mission in doing this whole Lean Startup thing has been to try to put the practice of entrepreneurship on a more rigorous footing. And so, I started out with a definition.

Here's mine: What is a startup? "A human institution designed to create something new under conditions of extreme uncertainty."

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