Collecting Air Miles – Is It Worth it?

As value-oriented investors, we are always on the lookout for deals, and sometimes this incessant need results in more creative ways to save money. In this case, it's a way to save 50-60%+ on groceries.

After rent or mortgage payments, groceries are usually the next largest monthly cost. To an extent, housing costs can be controlled, and food can be too. But while it may be prudent to live in a smaller or older place, it is probably not advisable to starve yourself to save money (though this may be arguable

Enter Air Miles.

Yes, yes, we know that after the "All your Air Miles are expiring...ha-ha just kidding they're actually not, and we know you've already spent most of them!" fiasco, people are reluctant to collect them. In some cases, here's why they're still worth collecting.

First, to maximize savings, you must maximize Air Miles collected per dollar spent. Here is a theoretical grocery shop:


Of course, you probably won't need 10 boxes of Kellogg's and General Mills cereal, but this is illustrative. The point is different items have higher/lower Air Miles earned per dollar. The closer you are to the $95 spend (to get the extra 95 Air Miles), the more you will also maximize your Air Miles efficiency. The more this is maximized, the greater the savings.

So you've had a few grocery shops like this, and now you want to redeem your Air Miles. Here are some things you can redeem them on.

And there you go. If you i) maximize the Air Miles per dollar spent, and ii) redeem Air Miles with products/services that have a high value per Air Mile, you can get discounts of 50-60%+ on your groceries.